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Kids Fire Safety

October 7, 2002

Albany -- This is Fire Prevention Week. Southwest Georgia Firefighters acted like a bunch of clowns this morning, to teach children fire safety.  The firefighters put on quite a show at the Albany Civic Center today, hoping to save lives in the future.

Firefighters from Albany and Lee County will go to almost any lengths to teach kids about fire safety. Dressing up like clowns and putting on a show for more than 4-thousand children proves it.

Firefighter Gregory Drummer said "The main thing is for the kids, so they know what to do and not to do."

 The firefighters entertained Pre- K through 1st graders from Dougherty, Lee , Mitchell, and Terrell Counties. The idea is to teach the kids how to not get burned. Using puppets, clowns, singing and dancing, grabs the youngsters attention, so they get the message that could be a life saver.

Albany Fire Chief Jimmie Arrowood said "Every time a truck rolls we have, to some degree, failed in our mission. If we can prevent a fire, then the damage is going to be severely less than if we have to respond to a fire and suppress it."

The Firefighters versus the clowns baseball game teaches the kids that stoves, heaters, and electrical appliances are objects in their homes that can burn and shock them. Not playing with matches is another basic of fire safety. If it takes dressing up in a clown suit to stop a tragedy, these firefighters are ready.

Lee Co. Fire Chief said "They are a bunch of clowns anyway. Just natural."

And the kids got the message. Tanner Cannon said he learned "If fire gets in our clothes, we got to stop, drop, and roll."

The Team Up for Fire Safety show was a hit with the kids, and fun for the firefighters. They trust it will save lives. This the 8th year that the Albany Fire Department has put on Kid's Fire Safety Day. Cooking, heating , and electrical problems are the leading causes of home fires, accounting for half the home fires and one-third of fire deaths in the nation.

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