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Vicious dog terrorizes neighborhood

October 7, 2002

Dougherty County- Two pets are dead after a vicious dog attacks and kills them in a South Georgia neighborhood.

Residents are terrified and want something done before a person gets hurt.

The vicious dog is described as a brown chow. He roams this neighborhood on Branch Road and this is the result of his violence-- a pile of fresh dirt. Under this dirt is a Chihuahua named JoJo.

Jo Jo, died in the mouth of a vicious chow. "He started screaming. We hollered at him, put it down, put it down. Shaking him and chewing him up." 78-year-old Viola Prather was taking Jo Jo for a walk. "I miss him so bad because he was with me everywhere, he followed me."

She's not the only one who has to bury a pet. Next door, a white Pomeranian named Prince was found mauled and barely breathing in this ditch. Prince died later died at an animal hospital.

"I'm scared he's gonna bite somebody before it's over with," Jerry Williams said. The chow has taken over the neighborhood. Jerry says his 12-year-old son is terrified. "He's pretty vicious. My son has complained that the dog hasn't allowed him to leave out of yard across the street. My son won't go outside."

Stray dogs have become a big problem in the county. "Problem is, people don't want to take an unwanted dog to shelter," Viola said. "Since they started charging, they'll bring them out here and don't have to pay to drop them off out here... [They just] give them to us."

Residents are sure if the vicious chow is a stray, because no one can get close to it. Rumor has it the chow belongs to a neighbor down the street. Regardless, it's mean and out to attack.

So what is being done to solve the problem? Animal Shelter will not pick up animals in the county. The Humane Society started charging $40 to drop off strays.

Environmental Health Officials have received one complaint from this area, so a rabies control officer visits here everyday, but they've had trouble finding and catching the chow.

The Environmental Health Department also has to pay the Humane Society a fee to turn in animals.

Right now, they are in the process of negotiating to avoid the costs.

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