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Religious artwork inspires sick patients

October 7, 2002

Albany--Fighting a serious illness or facing an impending surgery can be frightening. But, a series of God-inspired artwork is bringing hope and comfort to patients at Phoebe Putney Hospital.

As sick patients and worried family members walk through the lobby of Phoebe Putney Hospital, an art display is catching many people's attention. Maria Durden, whose grandmother is in the hospital and who is herself waiting for a heart transplant, stops here everyday, "It gave me a little more confidence a little more faith to know God is a healer."

The six panel piece spells out the word "Christ", with passages from the bible describing Jesus's healing power superimposed on top. Admirers are leaving notes describing how the artwork has inspired them, and artist Bryan Haynes says the reaction has been overwhelming, "It just goes to show you how God is so wonderful he can use anything, it's just paper and plastic and yet it is a conduit for him to reach out and touch other people."

And, this beautiful reminder of God's healing powers is a strong message of hope for the sick. Maria Durden says, "It's not what it's made of that inspires it's the words that are there."

The work, titled "A touch from the Master Hand" will be on display in the Phoebe Putney Hospital lobby until the end of the month.

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