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Remerton noise levels may have to change

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By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

January 6, 2009

Remerton, GA (WALB) -

Just one month after new a new alcohol ordinance was passed, bar owners in Remerton are facing what could be another change in restrictions.

Police Chief Mike Terrell explains, "We got quite a few complaints from folks that are near some of our entertainment businesses."   The complaints suggested that the city's entertainment district produces too much noise.

The data was gathered by Creative Design and Inovation out of Atlanta. They used high-tech, thorough devices that have cost Remerton almost $15,000 so far.  "It probably exceeded most municipal ordinances, but it wasn't terrible that night," Cheif Terral says when asked about the data that was gathered.  "There are other nights that it does get bad. We're going to try and find a midpoint where everyone can live together, hopefully." 

Some bar owners in Remerton were surprised by this new proposal. The owners at Jack's Library tell us they haven't received a noise complaint in three years.  Co-owner Hugo Torres says, "You will hear a little bit of music, but nothing to really say 'Hey, turn the music down because you are bothering people.'  It's nothing like that."

The city council is planning on purchasing their own noise meter.  They will use the device to determine what they believe is a fair level for residents and business owners alike.