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Albany parents say their child was abused

October 6, 2002

Albany- Seven year old, Walter Herrin, loves playing with his dogs and drawing. Walter has muscular dystrophy, and he says a recent incident at school has made him afraid to go back to the classroom.

Margaret Herrin, says when her son, Walter, returned home from school on Friday, she noticed bruises on his nose and ears, and she says she immediately went to Alice Coachman Elementary to find out what happened to her son and why.

Herrin says her son was being disruptive in his regular class, so he was moved to another teacher's class. According to her, a teacher's aide took Walter to the restroom, and he was left with the bruises on his ears and nose.

Herrin says the principal said she would talk with the teacher on Monday because it was after school hours Friday. On Saturday morning, Herrin went and filed a report with the Albany Police Department.

Walter's sister, Samantha, says she is still in disbelief, and Margaret Herrin says she will not rest until she knows the teacher she says abused her son in a school bathroom is no longer at the school.

Herrin says one things for sure, no matter what happens, she school officials will make sure Walter feels safe again.

Margaret Herrin says she will be meeting with the principal at Alice Coachman Elementary Monday morning.

Police are still investigating this incident. They have made no arrests, and no charges have been filed.

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