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2008 Sales OK Thanks to Holiday Shoppers

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

January 5, 2009

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - 2008 came and went leaving many of us with little left in our pockets.

"2008 was a little slow," says business owner Kathy Murphy of Kathy's shoes.

And empty pockets mean fewer customers shopping.

"I think everybody bought with caution this year. But sales were better than what I thought they were going to be," Murphy says.

Kathy Murphy has sold shoes on Thomasville's Broad Street for 23 years. Her 2008 numbers were down but the holidays really brought in the money her business needed.

"We had a great December," she says.

Lisa Taylor, owner of Loli's Invitations and Things, says the same thing.

"I feel that it was a very good Christmas for us," says Taylor.

When the nation's economy put everyone in panic mode she was a little worried for her business, because Loli's just opened in this location in March.

"It was very scary," says Taylor.

Loli's end of the year numbers eased her worries. But she did notice a specific item many people cut back on in 2008 year that surprised her...family Christmas cards.

"People did cut back on like photo cards and things like that that they haven't in the past. I had several people say they were going to do it every other year," says Taylor.

But overall Tomasville's downtown business pulled through in 2008, thanks to the high volume of holiday shoppers.

But how do owners feel about what's ahead?

"2009's going to be a little hard," says Murphy.

"We're going to market next week....price point will be on the top of my consideration when I'm buying because there are still birthdays, weddings, all these things people are going to want to buy for and I don't think they'll be spending the big bucks," says Taylor.

With five days down, and 360 to go, there's still plenty of time left to see what will really happen for businesses, and the economy in this new year.  Feedback

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