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Seminole County woman survives armed robbery

October 4, 2002

Seminole County- The quiet of a small town Bait and Tackle store was shattered by gunfire this afternoon. "Were thankful for what didn't happen and trying to forget what did," says Barfield Bait and Tackle Owner Cheryl McDonald.

She and her husband have owned Barfield Bait and Tackle for twelve years, and say they know almost everyone who comes in. "Because of the fact that we've felt so safe it probably gave us a false sense of security and we weren't on our guard," McDonald adds.

Dot Hall, the clerk working at the time certainly didn't think she had anything to worry about when Darrell Blackwelder pulled up to the little shop. Storeowners say he walked to the back, got a drink, paid for it, and then demanded money.

McDonald says the clerk didn't even believe it at first. "So they laughed, Dot laughed and said yeah right and that's when he shot her," describes McDonald. He got in his car and headed for the Alabama border. She says deputies were in the area and responded immediately.

"He'll have charges in Alabama because he tried to assault a trooper over there and there will be charges on him there, plus charges on him over here for the armed robbery and aggravated assault and some other charges," explains Seminole County Sheriff Jerry Godby.

Back at the store, McDonald is trying to go on and realize she can't trust all have customers any more. McDonald says the store only lost about 375 dollars because she had gone to the bank just fifteen minutes before the robbery. Deputies have not yet recovered the money.

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