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Mobile meth lab busted in Turner County

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

January 4, 2008

SYCAMORE, GA (WALB) - It is business as usual for this Shell gas station and Budget Lakeview Inn at the intersection of Bussey and Roby Reeves Roads in Sycamore. But this was not the case Saturday night.

"There was about five or six police officers who blocked off the exits as well as the local traffic. The shell station was taped off, and the fire brigade and ambulance was also there," said Hasu Parekh.

The local hotel manager saw the scene as it unfolded. "What I saw was a pick-up truck open and they had already put a gentleman in the ambulance." That pick up truck was a mobile meth lab, that put the entire area at risk. "All the containers were fuming, and it was likely to blow up as."

And that discovery was made after someone called police when that smoky pick-up stopped at the gas station.  "It's amazing nobody got hurt," said Parekh.

But what did get hurt was business in the area especially during the busy New year's holiday weekend. "We do the most of our business on Saturday evening, and they blocked off all the traffic from six onward."

But despite the big loss during a slow economy, "We rely on this time of the year, the holidays, for the bulk of our business."

They are happy to just come out of this unharmed. "It did effect us a lot, but it's great how the authorities responded," said Parekh. Because the situation could have ended much worse.

Names and information from authorities have not been released. Our phone calls to investigators have not been returned.

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