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Economy causes consumers to cut back on medicine

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

January 3, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Prescription medicine is a strain on many people's budgets. "It can range anywhere from $4.99 to two and three-hundred dollars," said Pharamacist, Matthew Daniels.

And that is leaving some looking for anyway to stretch their healthcare dollars. "It can be hard on people with limited income."

U Save It Pharmacist, Matthew Daniels say many patients split pills to prevent from having to refill as often. "Cutting pills can be okay if you check with your pharmacist and make sure it is safe to do it. You have to watch out for those that are timed release. Those you can not cut in half."

Others stop taking them all together. And Daniels warn this can lead to worse complications down the road. And is why patients should use other means to save money like comparison shopping among different pharmacies.

Patients should ask for free samples from their doctors. Patients also should have a pharmacist review all of their medication to be sure they are are all necessary and aren't duplicates. Buying long-term perscriptions in bulk will also save you money.

"A blood pressure, diabetes something that is going to be chronic that you will probably be taking for the rest of your life. Those are the ones that is important to get cost-effective so that they will take it and improve their quality of life."

And doctors are getting the message. "I had someone come in this morning where the doctor had written five real inexpensive medicines," said Daniels. Daniels say this is what will help keep people healthy physically and financially.

Pharmacist say anyone having trouble paying for their medication should ask for a generic. Generics can cost up to 80-percent less than the name brand. You can click here see whether a drug has a generic equivalent.


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