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Publix recalls ground beef

October 4, 2002


Publix shoppers need to pay attention. The supermarket chain has joined a nationwide recall of hamburger meat. Publix wants customers to return any Peck Meats ground beef purchased between August 23 and September 11th. It could be infected with e.coli bacteria. Ground beef, ground chuck, ground sirloin, ground round, hamburger patties, and meat loaf are being recalled.

The Albany store manager says they will repay you for any ground beef that might be in your freezer likely purchased during those three weeks, once again from August 23rd until September 11th.

Publix joined in the recall after a Wisconsin company announced as many as three million pounds of beef tainted with the bacteria were sold in grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants. 

E.coli bacteria is present in all animals, but there's a deadly strain numbered 157 that's showing up in the beef.

The bacteria causes hemorrhaging, a loss of blood. This condition is particularly dangerous to small children and the elderly and may be fatal. The most common warning signs are diarrhea, accompanied by fever or vomiting.

You can protect yourself by cooking your meat to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees. And of course wash your hands anytime after handling raw meat.

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