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Murder trial begins Monday

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

January 2, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An accused child killer in Albany is just days from his trial.

18 year old Vincent Soilberry is charged with savagely beating his girlfriend's three year old son to death because the little boy soiled his pants.

Police say Soilberry beat him viciously with his fists, then tried to cover the crime by saying the child drowned in the bathtub.

This case is top priority for prosecutors.

May 2nd, paramedics were called to this house on South Jackson Street where they found Three year old Shondarius Roney, battered and covered with bruises. The child had been left in the care of his mother's boyfriend, 18 year old Vincent Soilberry, who told paramedics that the child drowned in the tub. But an autopsy showed Roney was beaten so severely his liver ruptured and his ribs were fractured. Three days later Soilberry was charged with killing him.

Prosecutors say Soilberry's trial is their top priority.

0054cz 13:27;28 Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "We want to make sure victims, particularly children who have no other voice, are protected as best as they can be protected."

Roney's mother Shaquita Bell and the Grandmother Debra Bell talked with us shortly after the murder.

soundbite Mother Shaquita Bell said "he didn't have the decency to tell me the truth, and I just want to know why, that's it, I just want to know why?"

Grandmother Debra Bell I feel like he was a real coward, because that was a three year old baby and ain't nothing he could ever do to make somebody want to do that to him and he took something from us that he can't give us back."

Prosecutors say they want to make sure Soilberry can never hurt any other children, and to send a message to the community that children will be protected in Dougherty County.

Soilberry will go on trial Monday.  If convicted he will be sentenced to life in prison. This will be the first case heard by new Superior Court Judge Denise Marshall.


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