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Grady County Woman Found...Family Celebrates

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

January 1, 2009

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - What better way to start this New Year than with some good news.

A missing elderly woman in Grady County is safely back home tonight after a harrowing ordeal.

86-year old Louvenia King Harrison disappeared Tuesday on a grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart in Cairo.

Turns out, Mrs. Harrison became disoriented and got lost on her way home. She spent two cold nights inside her car, and those groceries she bought just likely saved her life.

"I said, 'Lord I hope and pray that somebody will find me today,'" Mrs. Harrison said.

So today, was a New Year's party like no other.

"It is the beginning of a brand new wonderful year," said her daughter, Alice Bond.

Family filled her Grady County home today to celebrate the arrival of 2009 and the homecoming of this special woman they thought they'd never see again.

"Tuesday I went and bought groceries late. I don't drive after dark...but I went and got my groceries and I come on home," said Harrison.

Only she didn't make it home that night. It was dark, she took a wrong turn, and wound up getting her car stuck.

"I guess I turned the other way and I went to the woods. I ain't never been there before...don't never want to go back," Harrison said laughing.

She had it rough for a couple days. She fell and broke her cane, lived off a few groceries, and kept warm by the heat of her car, which luckily she had just filled with gas.

"I don't know what you believe, but I believe God took care if me. Many people was praying."

Prayers that led two hunters to her rescue early this morning. They were looking for deer....they found Mrs. Harrison instead.

"I said you are the best looking're my sweetheart from now on. I'm 86-years-old so I can say things like that," said Mrs. Harrison.

"Fortunately we got a call from two hunters, who, they're heroes in our book," said Alice Bond.

Alice Bond and her two siblings tried to stay hopeful during the search for their mother. But there was always the dreadful thought that a day like today would never come.

But this morning, their tears of worry turned to tears of joy.

"My first thought was thank you Jesus that she was alive and she was tough enough to last two days in the woods.

Now her family is keeping her close, and they've laid some new ground rules.

"They said I'm grounded till 4. When 4 o'clock comes they say I can't go no where," Mrs. Harrison said laughing.

Louvenia Harrison's family rang in the new year last night short a member. So today, a few hours late, they poured the champagne, held each other close, and celebrated a new year's reunion.

"This is a toast to grandmama...she left in 2008 and came back in 2009!! Happy New Year!" shouted relatives.

For this family, a New Year that arrived like no other.

Mrs. Harrison said she wasn't even scared throughout the whole ordeal.  Her family was doing all the worrying.

She says she new her and her family's prayers would get her through the cold nights, and back home once again. Feedback

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