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Stay Safe, But have fun bringing in the New Year

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

December 31, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When the sun goes down on New Year's Eve the celebrations begin.

"It usually turns out just to be a blast."

John Luttrell owns two Albany nightclubs, Liquid and Crow Bar.

"Usually this is our busiest night of the year," says Luttrell.

People come for the music, party favors, and prizes. But for many it's the champagne and drinking that draws the crowds. And John Luttrell has a solution for those that want to have fun, without the risk of a D.U.I.

"We're working with the Holiday Inn. We're going to have transportation going back and forth from all the clubs to the hotel. We'll have discounted rates at the hotel," he says.

But for others, fun isn't a night on the town.

Minnie Brown and her son plan to bring in the new year on their living room couch.

"It's going to be like looking at TV, bringing the new year in," she says.

But in her neighborhood many people celebrate at midnight with noise. Fireworks are common, but some people fire guns in the air. A tradition that's not only against the's dangerous.

"I found a bullet in my rear windshield that someone had shot up in the air and it landed in the back seat of my car," she says.

Finding a different way to make noise tonight is a smart choice.

And if you're headed to the bars, be smart and get a cab, or a sober driver.

"If we see a person's had too much to drink we try and cut them off...we do that for they're own safety," says Luttrell.

So just remember tonight when you're having fun with family and friends to keep it safe. If you've had a little too much to drink, simply don't drive. That way YOU can bring in a HAPPY New year.

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