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South Georgia ready to help Lili victims

October 3, 2002

Albany  -- South Georgia response teams are ready to help victims of Hurricane Lili in Louisiana and Texas. Members of the Southwest Georgia American Red Cross disaster relief team were getting their trucks ready this morning. The National Red Cross offices have put the Southwest Georgia chapter on standby. The volunteers from Albany are expected to leave this weekend.

Bill Hamby of the Southwest Georgia Red Cross said "We're doing the pre-positioning inspection to make sure everything is in order and all equipment on board. The principle thing they'll start with is sheltering, getting them in out of the weather. The number two priority is mass feeding, which is where this vehicle comes in. That's your first two priorities when you start with a disaster."

This same disaster response truck just returned from working in Seminole County with flood victims. Albany Salvation Army disaster volunteers are also on stand by and will go to help victims of Hurricane Lili when called.

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