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Nurses go the extra mile

October 3, 2002

Colquitt County-- Nurses spend most of their work day on their feet. We found a team of Southwest Georgia nurses who are going above and beyond their call of duty to step even farther.

This weekend they're walking for breast cancer-- sixty miles in three days.  “Let's go see your mamma,” Maternal RN Anita Johnston says to a newborn baby.

Johnson does this all day long-- walk down hospital hallways at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. “We work really hard. I don't know how many miles we walk at work, but we thought we could do this,” she says.

She's talking about the Avon Breast Cancer walk; sixty miles in three days. “This is something we can do to get away from work, have fun, calm down, but we're also doing it for others.”

Johnston is not alone on the hike. Three other fellow nurses are hitting the pavement instead of hospital halls. Debra Hayes, Janet Hayes and Nurse Manager Barbara James.

“I'm excited about going,” Barbara said. “Kind of nervous about doing 20 miles a day.”

And also nervous about getting donations. Each walker had to collect $1,900. But, while we were shooting this story, the maternal RN's met their goal. They were lacking $617. “Somebody came along,” Barbara said. “A physician’s wife, and donated the rest of the money, so we reached our goal; $7,800.”

With every step, these ladies in scrubs are accomplishing goals and helping those in need.

 The Avon three-day walk starts early Friday morning, from the North Georgia mountains to Atlanta. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.


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