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Albany business licenses good economic sign

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

December 30, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Despite the recession, the vast majority of Albany businesses will survive into 2009, judging by the number of business licenses being sold.

Jerry Potts opened Fox's Pizza Den 8 months ago, and despite the economy he says the new business is doing well.

Potts said "Sales are up and down. You have a lot of people worried about their jobs and everything. And where they are going to spend their money at."

Potts went to the busy City Treasurer Division downtown Tuesday morning to fill out the paperwork to renew his Occupational Tax, or as most people know it a business license.

Renewal notices went out the first of December, and businesses have until the last day of March to renew. City officials admit in the final days of the year, despite the economic woes, they are pleasantly surprised by the number of licenses being bought.

 Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said "We are not seeing a reduction at this point. We are getting a number of new occupational tax licenses being issued."

And that is good news for jobs and the community, because small businesses are the biggest employers in Albany. Potts has ten employees at Fox's Pizza Den, and knows how important jobs are. He also works at Cooper Tire, until the plant closes.

Potts said "As long as I have money coming in, and the business is doing good, I'm fine with everything that is going on."

City officials say they are watching occupational licensing and economic growth, because they know business retention is where the jobs are.


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