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Chief violates city policy

October 3, 2002

Albany--  Police Chief Bobby Johnson is in trouble. He has violated the very policy he's suspended other officers for violating in the past.

Johnson had a car wreck Monday in his police vehicle, and didn't report it.

Johnson rear-ended a woman's car in downtown Albany, and in spite of department policy that requires all police wrecks to be reported, he didn't.

When the woman showed up at the police station Wednesday to get a copy of the wreck report, there wasn't one.

"I will also be checking out the policy to determine exactly what the policy is,"
said City Manager Janice Allen Jackson.  "Then whether or not that policy was compiled with in this instance. Also as part of that investigation, I will talk to the employee involved. All of these steps will have to be taken."

A report exists now. It was written Wednesday, two days after the wreck. Chief Johnson has been ticketed for following too closely.

Johnson doesn't deny any of it, but says it's a non-issue and he won't comment.

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