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Police investigate animal cruelty

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

December 29, 2008

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Sheriff's investigators are looking into a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Brooks County. One cat is dead and two others seriously injured after they were burned with firecrackers.

It happened at a mobile home park off Soaring Heights Drive. Three cats who lived nearby were badly burned when a group of people attached firecrackers to each of them. They then lit the fireworks. Each cat was severely injured.

"Of the three cats involved in the incident the first has been transferred down to the University of Florida where it's being looked after. The second is here at the Baytree Animal Hospital in Valdosta. The third cat had to be euthanized," said Dr. Amanda Hall, Veterinarian.

Blackie was brought into Baytree Animal Hospital by her owner on Saturday when she finally returned home. Veterinarians say she is lucky to be alive.

"She is stable. She's going to need some surgery to repair her skin that's been burned, but she's going to be fine. Her feet have been burned, She's missing a good portion of her ears, but she's going to be fine," said Dr. Hall.

Little Jim, who lived in the same home as Blackie, is in serious condition at the University of Florida.

"It looks like the kitty that's at the University of Florida, that all of his health care bills are going to be in the range of ten to fifteen-thousand dollars," said Dr. Hall. "St. Francis has made a contribution of about five-thousand of that at this point. But before it's all said and one, with all the multiple skin graphs that he's gonna need, it's going to be tremendous and I don't know if the funds are gonna be available and we may end up putting him to sleep."

The Brooks County Sheriffs Office is investigating the attack. Anyone with information regarding who is responsible for the cats' injuries should contact them.

"This is absolutely the worst cruelty case that I've ever seen."

While Blackie is expected to recover, Little Jim's recovery remains in the hands of donors. Veterinarians have had to put him into a coma just to control the pain.

St. Francis Ministries is an animal welfare group that helps with animal cruelty cases.

If you'd like to make a donation to help cover Little Jim's medical bills, you can reach St. Francis at 229-794-8146.


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