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Local businesses offer deep discounts too

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

December 27, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  There was not a shortage of sales this weekend as retailers offered deep discounts during their after-Christmas sales. Many stores are offering 50 to 75-percent off to help salvage what is expected to be one of the worst holiday season in years.

And those discounts followed into some of the locally owned businesses. A lot of the merchandise at Love Letters in Albany is 50-percent off, but their revenue this Christmas actually went up.

"I think we have really good prices. I think people were down scaling a little bit, but still looking for something very nice and very personal that we were able to bring to them," said owner, Yvonnie Brooks.

Holiday sales typically account for 30 to 50 percent of a retailer's annual revenue. So being off by even one percent this Christmas can make a big impact on businesses.


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