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South Georgians are going buggy

October 2, 2002

Albany- The ants go marching one by one, or maybe its more like ten by ten. South Georgia has lots of bugs, but this year many people are complaining about these pesky pests.

The property manager at Princeton Place Apartments says she calls the exterminators almost every other day, but the ants keep coming back.

"I start a list at eight o'clock in the morning when we get here, and I call them at 3 o'clock that day for them to come out the following day. We just have a continuous list to go on," says Brandy Conard.

But this complex isn't the only community having problems. Exterminator Chris Singleton says he has gotten more calls about ants this year than in the past. He uses spray, powder, and granules to kill the bugs.

Not only does the heat bring them in, but so does the water when they are trying to escape the rain. Singleton says one the keys to keeping ants out of your home is to kill them outside. "On a slab we'll find the source of the ants and we will get them wherever that is usually some kind of crack or something," says Singleton

Moving pine straw and trees away from your doors and windows can also help keep ants out, but more importantly using common sense about leaving food and trash out can save you from having to wake up and fight a small army.

If you have taken all the precautions, and you're still seeing ants in your house, Singleton says you should call an exterminator so that they can find the source.

While there are many different kinds of ants, most are only looking for one of three things -- food, water, or shelter from the rain.

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