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Self breast exams studied

October 2, 2002

Albany-- Are self breast exams really helpful in protecting you from breast cancer?  New research suggests that self exams do not help find tumor early enough to reduce the risk of death.

Still, mammographers say self exams are certainly not fool-proof, but the can be a woman's first line of defense.

"Even though it might not prevent you from getting breast cancer it could," said Mammographer  Linda Palardy. "So because there is the possiblity that if you're trained in Self Breast Examination or even if you're not trained that you possibly could."

Diagram courtesy: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Massachusettes

 While the doctor conducting the study does recognize some value of self exams, he says they should not be emphasized in countries where mammography is readily available.

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What is Buddy Check 10?

Buddy Check 10 is a breast self-exam (BSE) program sponsored by WALB and the Carlton Breast Health Center.

It is designed to encourage women to support each other in the awareness of breast health, and the importance of monthly breast self exams in the early detection of breast cancer.

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