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Parents, children enjoy a stroll to school

October 2, 2002

Valdosta - Many parents broke their routine drive to school this morning and instead, enjoyed a hand-in-hand stroll with their children.

"It gave us some quality time together and made my daughter happy," said Aliza White, Parent.

The worldwide event is part of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety's mission to teach kids the rules of the road for pedestrians.

"We're concerned about pedestrian safety and teaching our children the proper highway rules, said Willie Flowers of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Parents say they took part not only to help keep their children safe, but also to take an active role in the school system.

"They sent a note home asking us to take a few moments to walk our child to school, and I think its important to play an active role in my child's life and know what's going on at school," said Faye Jenkins, Parent.

But parents and public safety officials aren't the only ones concerned about the children's safety.

"I want to feel safe on my way to school and I want other kids to be safe too," said Jordan Jenkins, Student.

And with today's efforts, Jordan and many other children will be guaranteed that security.

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