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Massive fire claims home in Berrien County

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By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

December 22, 2008

New Lois, GA (WALB) -

Ten minutes after Daniel Morris turned on his central heat last night, his house erupted in flames. The house, on Old Valdosta Highway, is within sight of the New Lois Fire Department.

The fire was so massive and spread so quickly, that firemen from three different departments responded to the call:  Nashville, Ray City, and of course, New Lois.

Firefighters believe the blaze may have been caused by heating strips along the roof. This is unusual, since most heater fires result from the misuse of space heaters--not central heating systems.

The only parts of the house that were spared were here on the north side, where the kitchen and a small office were located.  Daniel Morris was the only one home at the time of the fire. His wife and four children were out Christmas shopping.

They were able to salvage a few items from the debris, even some irreplaceable family portraits.  Rebecca Morris had hidden the Christmas presents for her 4 children in the trunk of her car. She is now grateful for that decision. All but three presents were in the car, and spared from the fire.    

Members of the community have already begun to donate clothing and other items to the family.

Pastor Raymond Cason of Abundant Life Chapel swung by the house to see if he could help.  He said, "This is a great community of people to rally behind them--and they'll be restored fully, I'm sure."

Thankfully, the Morris' have family with whom they can stay. Their story serves as a reminder for everyone to keep heating units closely monitored throughout the winter months.