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Marines Warrior Competition

October 1, 2002

Dougherty County  --Albany Marines are competing to see whose team is the top group of "warriors" on the base. The annual Warrior Competition puts the Marines to the test.

 Marines firing 9 millimeter pistols for marksmanship scoring. Marines at the Albany Logistics base pushing themselves to the limit in their annual Warrior Competition.

40 Marines, dividing into 10 teams, volunteer to test their basic military skills. Gunnery Sgt. James Cully says "A lot of Marines on the base don't get a chance to really get out and do a lot of field training, that a lot probably joined for. This gives them a chance to go out and test themselves."

Four man teams cover a 12 mile course through the base. They have to follow maps from station to station, finding hidden objects along the way. The idea is to push their physical and mental endurance.

With the clock timing them,the Marines go through obstacle courses. Carrying 40 pound packs and M-16 rifles, they run to a post to do pull ups. The Marines have to take a test on Marine Combat knowledge. One of the competition teams is made up of band members. But they are Marines who must be ready for combat if called.

Corporal Curtis Dubke said "Most definitely. You need to be ready always, because that is what Marines are trained for."

Then it's on for another run to the pool. Working as a team, with their gear, the Marines have to swim across the pool several times. All the time the clock is running, trying to beat their competition.

 Corporal Charles Rotenberry said "First to go, last to know, always ready to rock and roll, at the drop of a hat."

 The warrior competition is tough for these Marines,but they volunteer for the test, because they love it. With the possibility of further American military action in the war on terrorism, these Marines keep their military skills sharp.

 The Warrior competition at the Albany Marine Base will continue Wednesday. The winning teams will be honored Friday morning.

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