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Best Tasting Fried Chicken Cooker

October 1, 2002

Albany --Almost everyone loves fried chicken. There is a cook in Albany well known for her fried chicken, and she draws a big crowd every time she serves it. Now in her 37th year serving her famous chicken, her satisfied guests number in the millions.

Mary Boone is the head cook at the First United Methodist Church in Albany. And like every Tuesday, she is cooking about 360 pieces of fried chicken for the Tuesday Business Lunch meeting. Mary also cooks for several other meetings and worship services every week, many times her much requested chicken.

Now in her 37th year cooking, Mary Boone has served 4 million pieces of chicken. Mary Boone said "That's a lot of chicken. I just love cooking. Not just chicken, anything."

Her recipe is very simple, and she does freely shares it. Boone said "Wash it the day before, season it with season sauce. The next day batter it in flour and fry it. I fry mine at 325 degrees."

People line up to enjoy another lunch of Mary's chicken. For some, it's one of the tastiest treats of the week.

Fred Sumter said "She's the greatest. I told her the Kentucky Colonel could use her recipe big time, and do well with it."

Pat Murphy said "It's outstanding. As Snuffy Smith says it's bodacious."

Boone said "They always tell me my chicken is the best chicken they have ever tasted. Better than any of the places around here. That really makes me feel good."

But there is one person who says she does like to eat Mary's fried chicken. And that is Mary herself. Boone said "No, I don't eat that much. Because I looked at it so much. When you work with food, and be around food and prepare it, you really lose your appetite for it."

You'll be glad to know Mary Boone plans to keep cooking her chicken, with no thoughts of retirement. Mary is also well known for her cinnamon rolls, but it's her chicken that people ask for so often.

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