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September 11th walkers

October 1, 2002

WORTH COUNTY- A retired New York policeman is walking across America. 

Tuesday, his trek to remember September 11th victims took him through Albany. Chuck Fluent walked 20-miles from Sylvester pulling his 200 pound cart with the American and New York State flags. He's also carrying a journal with entries from across the nation that. He'll give it to the president when he's done with his walk two years and 8-thousand miles later. 

"He's our commander in chief, I'm a veteran," Fluent said. "I feel I owe it to my country until the day I die."

Fluent will continue his walk on 82 West all the way to New Mexico. He'll then head to Oregon and back to New York. The cart he's carrying will then make its home in the Smithsonian.

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