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10 Country: Jennifer’s Double Life

October 1, 2002


Tifton-- You can never tell about friends, neighbors and people you come in contact with. You may feel that you know them only to find out they live a secret life that you never imagined. 

If there was such a title as queen of time management, dental technician Jennifer Varnadoe would own the crown. She often spends 90-minutes a day commuting to and from work.  But unlike a lot of people who feel they are throwing their lives away on the road, she uses that time quite wisely-- she learned 106 Patsy Cline songs, country classics.

Jennifer Varnadoe was born six years after Patsy Cline died in a plane crash in 1963, and the late singer and her mother had something in common. “She had it difficult as a young woman,” Jennifer says.

Jennifer sang her heart out for 13 years where no one could hear her, in the privacy of her own car. After three auditions with stiff competition, she sang her way into playing the lead role in “Always, Patsy Cline,” a two-hour stage biography.

Twenty-one times she transformed herself into Patsy Cline, spending two hours on make-up and hair styling before every performance, even dying her natural blond hair black, like the late singer’s.

And, if the late Patsy Cline singer could see one of her performances, what would Jennifer ask her after the show? “Am I portraying you like you wish to be portrayed?” That’s not such a crazy question to ask.... since only time will tell.


The popular Theatre Albany stage production of the late singer’s life returns to Albany in January.


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