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How are kids dealing with floods?

September 30, 2002

Seminole County - Seminole County students got back on busses Monday, heading back to class. Most kids spent their two week fall break in flood waters. So how are they coping with the disaster?

Moldy books and bare floors didn't stop these Seminole County Elementary students from going back to class. Many students had to grow up fast. Ten-year-old Dyshena Haire says, "I had to clean up take stuff out of house on side of road."

A swirl of emotions, feelings of sadness. Ten-year-old Kerry Chrispen explains, "Sad, you lost your clothes and shoes, my shirts, socks and toys."

Some are scared. Eight-year-old Brittany Reynolds says, "Every time it rains, I wonder if it would be another flood and I hope it won't be another one."

Some not worried at all. Eight-year-old Jordon Harris says, "I'm not really worried about it because it happened once before." He says, "I can take another flood."

Teachers may not have the answers, but they can help these kids cope, by talking about their feelings.

School counselors will be making rounds to classrooms to check on students. They urge parents to look for warning signs such as changes in behavior, school work and eating habits.

Parents should talk to their kids to help them deal with the disaster.

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