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Valdosta food bank sees drop in donations

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

December 18, 2008


The threat of hunger is growing.

Second Harvest has been battling hunger in Valdosta for almost thirty years. This year, more people than ever are coming to the food bank, but donations are low.

Director of Development Shannon Zapf explained, "The grocery prices that everybody's having to pay--they don't have enough extra cash when they go to the grocery store to buy an extra can or two here and there."

The threat of hunger is no longer only relevant to low-income families. Workers at Second Harvest tell us that more and more middle class families are relying on help from the food bank. Many say this is the first time they haven't been able to provide for their family.

"The food line and the pantry lines are now filled with famlies where two parents are working, or some of them are working two jobs, and they still can't afford to buy food," said Zapf.

The Staff at Second Harvest noted that while the increasing need for food is scary, it's nice to see some people are still donating what they can.  "I grew up here in Valdosta, and it's great to see neighbors helping neighbors like they always have," said Eva Lott, who is the Director of Volunteer Services. 

While Christmas is the time of giving, Second Harvest reminds us that donations are crucial throughout the entire year.   Zapf said, "Hunger doesn't have a timeline. It doesn't stop." Second Harvest says they need more donations to help them meet this quickly-growing need.

The food bank recently installed an advanced cooler system, so they are able to accept both perishable and non-perishable items. 

To donate money or food, you can call Valdosta's Second Harvest at 229-244-2678, or visit their facility on Harbin Circle.  You can also visit their website:


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