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Radium Springs Casino must be moved

September 30, 2002

Albany - The only way Radium Springs Casino can be saved is if the landmark is moved from its current site. FEMA plans to demolish the Albany landmark by the end of the year.

Dougherty County and Albany leaders were thinking about raising the casino five and a half feet, so it would be out of the flood plain. But now, FEMA says the building just can't stay in the current location.

Commissioners must decide whether to relocate the casino, or save historical parts of the building and recreate the casino somewhere else. And time is running out, some money set aside from HUD for demolition will disappear soon.

"HUD is donating 15% of the demolition cost through their flood disaster program. But, that many is only available until February 20th," said Elizabeth Dean, Planning Manager .

Commissioners plan to ask FEMA for an extension, allowing them more time to decide what to do with the Casino.

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