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New racetrack may be built

September 30, 2002

Lake Park- A new form of family entertainment may be headed to South Georgia. Lake Park is considering a new family fun center featuring go cart and drag racing.

While many feel the center will have a positive economic impact on the county, other residents are strongly opposed to the plan.

Tim Pafford and John King look forward to a day when this site will be occupied by a family racetrack and entertainment center. "It will be a large impact," said Pafford. "Similar to what Wild Adventures was to the Valdosta area."

"It's going to be a great step," says King. "It will help all merchants in Lowndes County."

But other Lake Park residents, like Cheryl Elhofin, disagree. "It would just be unsafe. I don't think it would be wise for the community."

The proposed racetrack would be located right off Interstate 75 on this plot of land bordering Peterson Road. Elhofin lives about three miles away and is concerned about the noise it may create.

But Pafford has worked closely with developer Larry Dean for the past six months to find the appropriate area for the track and says there's no better site to contain the noise. "When you look at it, it is designed to reflect the noise back down to the Interstate."

King agrees that noise complaints should not be an issue. "They don't understand that the county has a noise ordinance, and the cars will be run with mufflers."

Another argument in favor of the plan - the proposed site is located near the Industrial Park and already commercially zoned. Pafford says they're conducting economic and noise studies that will most likely prove the plan beneficial. The studies should be completed in 10-12 days, and they'll present the results to Lowndes County Commissioners and wait for what they hope will be the plan's approval.

The Planning Commission will consider the proposal at its October 28th meeting. County Commissioners will make the final decision on November 12.

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