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Brides look for cheaper ways

September 29, 2002

Albany- The wedding industry is booming because so many people are getting married. With this high demand, prices for bridal merchandise are very expensive, and many bridal vendors say the average bride is getting older, and she wants to save money.

Frank Philmon and Jennifer Johnson are getting married next June, and they say they are already planning a budget to make sure their wedding doesn't put them in debt.

Photographer, Javon Longieliere, says couples should not only pay attention to price but also quality. Frank and Jennifer say they look forward to their ceremony. They plan to put emphasis not only on the wedding, but also the marriage they hope will last for years to come.

Bridal consultants encourage future brides to plan early, and set a detailed budget. They also advise brides to look for quality work when planning their weddings.

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