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School gym ruined by flood waters

September 27, 2002

Seminole County - A school gym floor is ruined by flood waters. Seminole County Superintendent Larry Bryant says, "The water in here was approximately two inches deep." Seminole County Middle High School does not have flood insurance.

Contrary to rumors spreading around the community, the school is not in a flood plain. That means it's not required to have flood insurance. Now, the school board is looking to the state for a helping hand. Students go back to school Monday from a school break, but their gym is no where near ready.

Flood waters left the Seminole County Middle High School gym a muddy mess and a lot of work to do. The price tag is estimated at $150,000. Bryant says, "It appears we are going to receive assistance on much of the damage."The middle high school does not have flood insurance. Bryant explains, "The community where the water came from is in the flood plain, the school is not."

The school has hired a civil engineer to use the money wisely. State Representative Hugh Broome says, "We want it done right to be sure we spend the money in a correct manner."

Bryant says the gym has never before flooded. In 1998, sewage backed up because of a malfunction, causing minimal problems.

The Seminole County Elementary School was also damaged in recent flash floods. Twenty-two classrooms were flooded. The school has been sanitized and ready for Monday's classes.

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