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A new home for abused dog

September 27, 2002

Albany -- In March we told you about a dog in South Albany that was drenched in lighter fluid and set on fire. The little dog survived and was adopted by a new family. To watch the little yellow and black pit bull mix run around it's new home, you would never guess the abuse she suffered.

 Brandi Kiefer said "Amazing, she is amazing."

In  March, a 12 year old boy drenched the nine month old stray with lighter fluid and set it on fire. The boy was mad because the dog would not fight another pit bull. The dog was badly scared with burns, and required hundreds of dollars of medical help. Many people in Albany gave money to save the dog after hearing this terrible story of abuse.

Kiefer said "They were so generous. And the community was so wonderful. And she is alive because of them." Brandi Kiefer, then the Albany Humane Society's shelter operations manager, cared for the abused animal during it's recovery. The two became fast friends. A friendship neither wanted to end.

 Kiefer said "We took care of her until she was able to be adopted. She just grabbed our heart." The dog was given the name Angel, and put up for adoption for one month, with no takers. But Brandi decided that Angel would be happiest staying with her. So Angel now lives with the Kiefer family, their other 4 dogs and 2 cats.

Kiefer said "We didn't really need another dog, but my husband and I figured if she was supposed to be with us, she would. It just worked out she was not adopted and we took that as our sign." Angel still has scars on her hindquarters from the burns. But now she has a loving home and family. A happy ending for a stray dog that survived terrible abuse.

The boy who set Angel on fire was tried in juvenile court, but Humane Society workers were not allowed at the hearing. The shelter received several hundred dollars in donations to care for Angel after our original story aired.

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