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Early detection is key

September 27, 2002

Albany- Prostate cancer is something no man wants to be diagnosed with, but thousands are each year. Doctors and health care workers say early diagnosis is key.

Many men who came out today to be tested say it's the only way they can make sure they are completely healthy.

According to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, common symptoms for prostate cancer are frequent urination, pain or burning during urination, blood in urine or semen and frequent pain or stiffness in the back, hips or upper thighs.

Prostate cancer is also more common in African-American men and men with a history of cancer in their families. Billy Stintson says he has not been to the doctor in thirty years, but he says, now, he realizes the importance of getting tested.

Exercise, healthy diets and regular examinations are other things men can rely on to help keep them stay cancer free.

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