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Where in the world is the music coming from?

September 27, 2002

It's looks like Bond Anderson has been digging through the trash again.

"I wouldn't call myself a class one dumpster diver."

But he gives new life to old junk.

"These are flower pots. This is the bottom of a bucket with orange juice lids. This is a drainage pipe. This is pvc pipe."

These are instruments Bond has taught educators to help with music appreciation in the classroom. But there is a big connection to other subjects too.

"The is math and science as to how the instrument is made and how it makes sound. There is social studies involved when studing who plays the instruments and their cultures."

And that relationship is being foster on playgrounds around the nation with Bond's Marimba and metaliphones. And the payoff comes when Bond sees a child discovering music.

"The cool part is when two kids are playing together and they realize they are in an ensemble and you see the look on their faces."

Bond now makes more than 50 instruments out of yellow pine, Brazilian hardwood, plastic, aluminum, and anything else that will stand up to the elements, and the musicians. His tools are the same as you would find in a wood or machine shop.

"Every hole I drill lowers the pitch, then you cool the bar by dipping it in water and then you tune it."

And its that preciseness that has earned him fans around the country, which is a big accomplishment for this little shop in the tiny town of Parrott.

 Bond says it takes about 40 hours to make the larger instruments. He has studied Indonsian, South American and African cultures and traditions to perfect his construction and tuning skills. His shop, Sound Play, is right across from the depot in Parrott on highway 82, just north of Dawson.

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