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Church charity helped more this year

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

December 13, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The small chapel on Lumpkin Street became a factory of sorts. Church pews were used as assembly lines as hands filled box after box with all kinds of food. "We have a ham, a turkey whatever was donated to us we served," said Pastor, Betty Jackson.

Those boxes were than given to people and families in a line that stretched from the chapel door to the parking lot. "We had a much bigger crowd this year, and we are still trying to service people," said Jackson.

"Its all because of the economy, people just don't have as much like they did last year," said church elder, Willie Thomas.

And the line started to form at 4:30 AM Saturday morning, two-and-half hours before the food giveaway started. "It is a desperate need. People seem to be in desperate need this year," said Jackson.

"Most of them were basically people without a job. People that need food and don't have the food," said church elder, Lawrence Brown.

Elder Lawrence Brown said this project was a way for church members to still be able to do something during hard economic times that have hurt them too. "Sometimes we can't always give money, but we can always give our time," said Brown.

And they all worked together to help those in need. "Especially the elderly people because the are the foundation that we are standing on now," said Thomas.

"I would love it if I had the jobs to offer the people. But while I don't have that, I will do what I can while I can," said Jackson. Because they know with each box handed out, they are helping someone make it through this tough time a little longer.

First Apostolic Baptist Church members prepared more than 250 boxes Friday night. Saturday they made and handed out an additional 150 more.


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