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Albany pet pig up for adoption

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

December 12, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - That pot belly pig who was rounded up on Palmyra Road earlier this week is now at the center of a dispute over Albany's animal ordinances.

Harley, a 7 month old Vietnamese pot bellied pig escaped from his backyard on 10th Avenue earlier this week and was rounded on in the parking lot of a doctor's office on Palmyra Road. His owner, Cory Berry, says he will now have to get rid of Harley because code enforcement officers say he can't legally own him if he lives in the city.

City ordinance states that swine, even pot bellied pig pets, are livestock and can't be owned in the city limits.

Berry says the mall pet store owners told him it was okay to own the pig in the city. City Attorney Nathan Davis said two years ago he thought retailers had agreed to post a sign explaining the pigs could not be in the city limits.

Davis said "I have never double checked but I was under the understanding that there was going to be such a sign posted."

The pet store where Berry bought Harley says they have signs posted telling customers to check residential restrictions, and also give customers a handout advising them to check restrictions.

Harley is now up for adoption at the Albany Humane Society for sixty dollars to a good family living where pigs are legal to keep.

There's apparently another pig on the loose in northwest Albany.

Albany Police got a complaint about one roaming along Nottingham Way Thursday night.


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