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AF2 will tee it up in 2009

By Robert Hydrick - bio | email

December 10, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - While there is debate on whether there will be an Arena Football League season in 2009, the South Georgia Wildcats and the AF2 will tee it up next year.The AFL is continuing to deny reports that the 2009 season will be canceled later this week.

The AFL is reportedly having financial issues with a private equity group looking to invest 100 million dollars in the league.

That group would also take control of all of the teams.

It is a similar business model that runs the AF2 which was created a decade ago to help develop players for the AFL.

Wildcats general manager Darren McPhail hopes the AFL can score a last minute touchdown and save the 2009 season.

Darren McPhail said "The reality of it is that the AF2 will play in 2009. We will play moving forward. The South Georgia Wildcats are here. Even if the worse comes to bear with the AFL."

South Georgia Wildcats open the 2009 AF2 season on March 21st at Florida.

The home opener is March 28th against Florida.


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