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Flood victims preparing for worst

September 25, 2002

Seminole County - The slightest drop of rain has some Seminole County flood victims and emergency units on the edge. The flash floods two weekends ago damaged more than 250 homes. Business and homeowners are putting up their guard while cleaning up a mess.

It's the talk of the town. Seminole County is still trying to recover from flash floods. Donalsonville resident, Mamie Herring, says, "We're talking about the weather. She's hoping in doesn't come again, but I said it's nothing we can do except pray."

And stack free sand bags, preparing for the worst. Fire Chief Travis Brooks explains, "A home is gonna have to be sand bagged all around. Businesses have sand bagged the doors."

A substantial amount of rain can be another dangerous situation. Brooks says, "Scared. I worried Tuesday night after it didn't slack off by dark."

Flood victims in Seminole County are painting and repairing what Hanna damaged. Meanwhile, the Weather Channel is on in the background. They're paying close attention to what's brewing in the gulf...Isidore and Lilly. Brooks gives advice, "Keep an eye on the news and be aware of what happens. Just like flash floods on Sunday, it's not here this minute and the next minute you're under water."

And if the water rushes in again. Herring says, "It will just be gone again, you can't lose it if you don't have it."

The weather is anybody's guess and some are trying to be more safe than sorry.

Sand bags are free for those who are worried. Bags can be picked up at the Fire Station in downtown Donalsonville. The sand is located at the county and city work yards.

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