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Cable company helps flood victims

September 25, 2002

Albany-- A lccal franchise of a national company is trying to beat Tropical Storm Isidore, sending aid to flood damaged areas in Seminole County.

Many of the employees at MediaCom say they were affected by the 1994 and 1998 floods and they want to reach out a helping hand.

There's lots of stuff, more than $1,500 worth, being loaded into a Mediacom van. John Duran says, "Insect repellant is a big request, just working outside with all the water, I'm sure it will be an issue down there."

A few Mediacom employees spent the better part of the morning buying and loading supplies for Seminole County flood victims like deodorant, diapers and cleaning products.

The workers say every little bit will count. Duran says, "The majority of the people here were effect by the '94 and '98 flood." Brian Taylor says, "It was hard, I had family in it, it was hard."

And while they remember those devastating floods, the potential of heavy rain from Tropical Storm Isidore is on their minds. Duran says, "Sure, its on the back of everyone's mind, because of the floods we've had in the past."

These Mediacom workers hope the truck load of supplies they're sending to Seminole County will not have to be repeated after the storm hits. Mediacom in Albany and Valdosta sent supplies to Seminole County. The Salvation Army will distribute them.


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