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Cat fight

September 24, 2002

When the Americus High Panthers lost to Crisp County last year, it broke a streak of 24 consecutive wins, but more importantly it served as a wake-up call. The Panthers regrouped and went on to win their second straight state title, but when the two meet again this Friday night the Panthers say they won't need a second awakening. Americus head coach Erik Soliday said, "We don't need a wake-up this year. I think we've been awake since last year."

 But when you look at Friday's match up on paper, Americus and Crisp County are eerily similar. Both have identical 3 and 0 records with powerful offenses led by talented quarterbacks. And those quarterbacks have speedy receivers and elusive running backs to help shoulder the load. So what will Friday's game come down to? Crisp County head coach Clay Hill said, "[Laughing]Oh Lord, that's a good question."

Perhaps the answer is defense. And when Crisp County quarterback Joe Joe Brown looks over his center into the Panther 'D', he'll be seeing quadruple, not as in coverage, but the two sets of twins that make up the Panthers linebacker core. Soliday said, "It seems like where you see one, you see the other. They always run in pairs on the field too. When one of them comes and hits someone it won't be a second later that the other ones in there sticking his nose in it too."

Dustin and Derek Wolcott team with Chan and Chad Moses to make up a very cohesive, and sometimes confusing group. Junior linebacker Derek Wolcott said, "They call us the twin towers, twin minds and stuff like that." "Me and my brother, we take the size and the Moses (twins) they take the speed," Dustin Wolcott added. 

"Most of our coaches get us confused because they can't really tell us apart when we got the helmet and pads and stuff on," senior linebacker Chad Moses said.  "If one of them mess up we're always gonna have somebody to fill in for them,"added Chan Moses. 

But before you give the nod to the Panthers because of their family ties, the Cougars have an interesting and equally unique situation on their defense. After all its not too often that you get to play on the same football team as your uncle. Jock Montford said, "It's great because I'm older than him (my uncle William) still but with us being on the same defense we just communicate better." William Montford said, "We tell most people that we're brothers and they just go ahead and go along with it, but we spend all our time together."

 So with two explosive offenses and defenses with deep bloodlines, is it possible that Friday's match up could come down to the kicking game? Now that's eery.

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