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The future of Alice's Wonderland

September 24, 2002

Albany - An proposed theme park in Albany may never make it past the drawing board. Mayor Tommy Coleman says the city doesn't have any money to give to Alice's Wonderland.

On Tuesday night, John Hawthorne showed city commissioners plans for a 71-acre theme park, a memorial to his wife Alice who died in the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing. The $103,000,000 project would include an education center, water park, amusement park, shopping center, hotels, and a RV Park.

Hawthorne asked commissioners for their support, so he could then get federal and state money. He hopes the city will give money, allocated in the East Urban Redevelopment Plan, to build the park.

"I doubt that the city will ever have the money to fund this project on any level," said Mayor Coleman."I doubt this project will work out."

City commissioners will review the plans and decide what, if any, help they can give to Alice's Wonderland.

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