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Two Remerton bartenders arrested

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

December 8, 2008


Two South Georgia bartenders are charged with intentionally selling alcohol to underaged customers.

Police arrested bartenders from two bars, Flip Flops and Mulligans in Remerton. Police say even though the undercover investigators showed ID's that indicated they were underaged, bartenders Alison Myra Still, and Michelle Palazzo served them alcohol.

Both bartenders were immediately taken into custody.

Remerton City Investigator Derrick Sinclair said, "We've had numerous complaints from parents and citizens about some of the things that were going on at the bars. I've had parents calling me and telling me that their daughters have been out to the bar--ID's not checked, coming home drunk. And they just wanted us to know about it. So, after enough complaints, we decided that we need to check, to verify if it's true or not."

On Monday night, the Remerton City Council will vote on proposed changes to the Remerton's alcohol ordinances.


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