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Safeguarding your home for the holidays

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

December 6, 2008.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Home security is everyone's responsibility and one south Georgia County is trying to make sure their citizens know it.

Lee County held one of their Safeguarding Your Home sessions on Saturday, arming homeowners with the knowledge they need.

"Most of the things as far as home security is common sense," said Chief Dennis Parker, Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Parker sat down with a small group, reminding them how vulnerable their home could be, especially this season.

"Not locking their homes, not pulling the door down and locking their garage doors, I mean pretty straight forward stuff," said parker.

Terry Morey was not at that meeting but she is a new homeowner in Lee County.

She says safety is paramount, and within the past month has been getting to know her neighbors.

"I kind of let them keep an eye if we have workers coming in and out. We let them know there are going to be odd cars in the driveway also," said Terri Morey, Homeowner.

If you get a security system or simply use common sense, parker says be proactive.

"We're more mindful during the holidays because there are more criminal activity during the holidays," said Parker.

During the holidays many homes are filled with expensive gifts, Morey has some tips of her own to keep from being a target for thieves.

"Make sure you don't put your boxes out by the road in plain sight, cut them down so that you can put them inside of the trash can," said Morey.

If you live in Lee county and would like to have a Home Security Session for a group or neighborhood, you can contact Chief Dennis Parker at the Lee County Sheriff's Office.


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