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SWGTC holds drill for emergency responders

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

December 4, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Southwest Georgia Technical College hosted a Mass Casualty Drill today.

It gave emergency responders a chance to practice their skills and be better prepared for the real deal.

Around 9AM an electrical fire broke out at the Southwest Georgia Technical College. At least that was the scenario for emergency responders.

Shortly after the alarm went off....City Fire...EMS....and Police units arrived on scene. One by one, injured students were evacuated, put on stretchers, and loaded into ambulances.

Next, patients were rushed to Archbold's ER for immediate assistance.

"We realize that we will be getting multiple trauma patients and so we really need to test our resources and our abilities," said Archbold's Trauma Coordinator Kelli Vaughn.

And Vaughn says she feels like the drill was a success.

"It's great to get everybody together, establish those relationships, so that when something does happen we know names, we know faces," Vaughn said.

But the drill was beneficial to everyone. Thomasville firefighters and school officials said they learned from the experience and came up with ways to improve in the future.

"Right now we had two areas we had students evacuate to and we feel like we really need one central location," said Ron Carney, Southwest Georgia Technical College's Vice President of Administrative Services.

"What this allows is for people like myself to step up in rank and run the scene and get experience for when the real thing happens," said Captain of the Thomasville Fire Department, Greg Owens.

"Communication is always the part that we can always improve on... Communicate more effectively between the departments and outside," said Vaughn.

75 people were involved in today's drill, leaving a city a little more prepared if a real disaster strikes.

Archbold Memorial Hospital is required to do two drills per year. Feedback

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