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ATVs not made for roads

September 23, 2002

Albany- Honda of Albany owner Wilson Holloway sells a lot of vehicles designed for family fun, four wheelers big and small, go carts and other off-road vehicles, with the emphasis on off-road. "Definitely not street legal, not designed to be used on paved roads," Holloway said. 

But in the past two weeks two people have ignored those restrictions, and paid the price. A 13-year-old was killed pulling onto a road in Coffee County. Then Saturday the driver of a Polaris 500 four wheeler collided with a motorcycle rider, putting him in the hospital, and killing the motorcyclist.

"That's why we try to explain to people when ride on rural roads, drivers sometimes distracted, one situation they are pretty much going to lose," GSP Trooper Darryl Benton said.

Though they are called all terrain, tires, brake and suspension systems are all designed for off road performance, and headlights aren't bright enough for roadways.

Holloway always stresses to his buyers, safety first. "Family friendly vehicle when used how supposed to be."

Whenever people come in to buy one of the vehicles besides the four wheeler they also get videotapes on safety, the question is how many people actually take them out of the plastic.

"They Watch TV and see guys jumping and showing good time, what don't show you is the attempts where someone is carted off injured." Simply put when it comes to ATVs, to save your life stick to the off-road terrain.

A-T-V manufacturers offer free safety courses. To find out more, call 1-800-887-ATVS.

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