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150 new jobs in Sumter County

September 23, 2002

Americus--150 new jobs in Americus. STI Knowledge, an Atlanta based customer service company, is opening a customer service call center in Sumter County that leaders hope will be the first of several new businesses for the County.

This computer lab at Georgia Southwestern State University is packed with students. But, there have been few opportunities for their skills, and many of them look elsewhere for jobs. GSW President Dr. Michael Hanes says, "We're looking to find opportunities to keep students here if the want to stay here and many are, particularly international students, they love the idea of small town America."

Now, they don't need to look far. STI Knowledge is building a seven million dollar customer service call center here, at this industrial park in Sumter County. STI has sites in major cities across the world, but choose Americus for their next venture for one reason: Education. CEO Cliff Oxford says, "The deal maker was when we visited the technical school, we can get high quality people in a low cost environment."

GSW and South Georgia Technical College are working together to build a curriculum to prepare students for jobs at STI. SGTC President Jon Johnson says, "We'll identify the areas we need to work on and GSW needs to work on and work with company to provide a pool of workers for now and the future."

And, the economic future looks bright for Sumter County. Governor Roy Barnes says, "It's a pretty good start. Seven million dollar investment, 150 highly skilled jobs, generally when you get one, others will come when they see they make it." And, leaders are hopeful STI's success will attract more businesses. STI Knowledge's customer service call center is scheduled to start operations Spring 2003.

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