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Afternoon raid nets drugs, guns and gang paraphernalia

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By Len Kiese - bio | email

December 2, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People in one East Albany area are glad law enforcers are helping them take back their neighborhood. Their complaints to law enforcement led to a raid on a home Tuesday afternoon.

A joint effort between the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit and the District Attorney's office netted guns, drugs and proof of gang activity.

The afternoon scene at Mitchell Avenue and Rood Street is just a re-run for Dawane Holmes. He's seen it all before. "You name it, I think everything has happened here," said Holmes.

From prostitution to gunshots, he says things have changed here. "Thirty years ago when we moved here, you could enjoy the neighborhood. You could walk the streets at night," said Holmes.

It turns out that right next door to Holmes, authorities had suspicions of some criminal activity. "We got information at the District Attorney's office that this was a place where drugs were being sold and also where gang activity and guns were to be found," said Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Edwards says agents discovered all three of those things inside 601-A Mitchell Avenue. Gang paraphernalia was found along with at least three guns. "From my observation, handguns and shotguns," said Edwards.

A felony grade amount of marijuana was also removed from the home. Some who live in the neighborhood say crime isn't just a choice, but a necessary one. "Selling drugs? I mean, they won't give you jobs. You've got kids. What other options do you have? ," said Kyonta Byrd. "People feel they need to do some things to take care of their family."

Four people were taken away in handcuffs after the raid including a man, a woman, and two juveniles. The arrests are a start for Holmes. "I feel a little better. I'm glad somebody is doing something," said Holmes.

He's ready for the entire neighborhood to be tackled. "A lot more. Not just a little bit. A lot more," said Holmes. That would mean more peaceful days and nights at home and less of the same old scenes outside his window.

Two infants living in the home were also taken in by the Division of Family and Children Services. Authorities haven't released the names of the suspects.