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Missing woman escaped in Florida, returned to Georgia

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

December 2, 2008

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A kidnapped Lee County woman is safe after a frightening ordeal. 28-year-old Christy Lee Jackson was found in Florida Monday night. She'd been missing since last Tuesday.

She had ligature marks on her hands from where she had been tied up. She told police she escaped her captors when she managed to free one of her hands and get out of the vehicle.

Missing since last Wednesday, Christy Jackson, the subject at the center of a kidnapping investigation in Lee County, found her way to law enforcement officers in Hamilton County, Florida around 11:00 Monday night.

"She was walking down the road and stopped at a curb store and contacted law enforcement that way and they checked her identity and she did come back as missing from Lee County and they notified us after verifying who she was," said Capt. Miles O'Quinn of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Jackson told officers she had been abducted from her home on Flat Ridge Court in Lee County. She was taken to Lowndes County and treated for minor injuries before being transported to Lee County where GBI agents are questioning her to find out what happened.

"The GBI agents are going to talk to her, try to see what they can determine from what she remembers about her captors. Where she was, where she was taken, what she may have heard, those kind of things to try and determine who may have done this and why."

Meanwhile, family members and friends, like Tosh Sevier, are waiting on Jackson to welcome her home, and find out who could have taken her.

"We don't know anything," said Sevier. "Basically, they just told us they'll get back with us and let us know at what time they are going to release her, so, we have no clues. We have no particulars about the case, so at this time, we're all in limbo waiting to hear more details."

But for now, they are relieved at the details they know, Jackson is okay and back in Lee County.

The Sheriff in Hamilton County told us Jackson said she was held captive by a white man. He couldn't give us any details about the car he was driving.

A police incident report from Lee County reveals that two people reported hearing a loud sound, like a gunshot coming from Jackson's home around the time she went missing last week. Right now, investigators don't have any suspects.